Here at Kids for Camps, kids from 7-17 can apply for a scholarship which will cover tuition at the sports or arts camp of their choice. Your application must include the specific camp you want to attend and why. Each scholarship recipient will have to provide their own transportation to and from camp, so we recommend you select a camp close to home.



Kids For Camps is about helping to build brighter futures for lower-income youth through sports. We believe all children deserve an equal opportunity to participate in sports regardless of their financial situations. It is our hope that by sending kids to camps, they will realize their true potential and develop the skills necessary to become collegiate student/athletes, professional athletes, and ultimately leaders who will drive social change.




Kids for Camps was founded by professional and collegiate athletes looking to make a difference in our communities. Growing up, each of us was fortunate enough to attend camps that helped us develop our physical and mental skills; equipping us with the necessary tools to earn college scholarships which paved the way to becoming collegiate and professional athletes. Unfortunately, we know these opportunities to learn and grow are not within reach for every household.  It is our goal to give as many children as possible the same opportunities we received. 



It really isn't about us — it's about the kids and the future world they will create. Core values such as teamwork, friendship, and selflessness are best developed at a young age. And we believe that there is no better development process than sports. As a result, we started Kids for Camps as a catalyst for change; to provide kids with the chance to have fun, grow, and ultimately lead.